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Welcome to the website for Cheshire East UNISON Branch. Please have a look around by clicking on the headings along the top of the page. We hope that the website will be a really useful tool for us to communicate with you the members.


We hope to include information about the branch and how we operate, local/national news updates, details of members benefits, details of any current campaigns and also useful and practical advice for members on certain issues and topics.


It has taken the communications team a long time to get to where we are today and the branch is still developing and reviewing the website. This is a first go at a website and we would welcome constructive input and suggestions from activists and members on how we can make the website better. So please tell us what you want to see. Please see our FAQ on making a suggestion.


Remember that the website is run entirely by UNISON activists who are volunteers and give up their time to do this for the benefit of members.

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