Appendix 4: Procurement


Appendix 4: Procurement
1. Interim Residual Waste Solutions are expected to deliver £510K in benefits
back to the council in line with the Part 2 paper included in the June Cabinet
Report. While Cost of Investment for the procurement of long term supply
contracts for the Waste Disposal elements are significant depending on
whether a restricted or competitive dialogue process are followed, it is
anticipated that this process will deliver major year-on-year budget benefits
through lower supplier costs and waste to energy initiatives. This will form the
subject of further work and will be reported through the monthly highlight
reporting process.
2. Risk and Legal implications: There are risks associated with the proposed
procurement strategy including legal risks which were highlighted in a Part 2
Paper in June 2013. The biggest remaining risks relate in Interim Residual
Waste Solution Failure and associated costs of relaying waste from North to
South which could be in the region of £22K per week. The project is intended
to mitigate this risk supported also by the Depot Infrastructure Projects.
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