Appendix 5: Strategy


Appendix 5: Strategy
1. Work on the Strategy project has been divided into 2 phases with the first phase
being to produce a high level strategy to inform the programme and its deliverables
and the second phase being to produce a detailed strategy to take the Council
through to 2030. It is anticipated that this will incur costs in the region of £45K
including some external consultancy, environmental impact assessment work and
public consultation. This strategy will then be reviewed every 5 years. It is
anticipated that the governance of this project, particularly for phase 2, lies with the
Policy Development Group with a paper to cabinet once options, costings and
impacts are more developed prior to formal implementation.
2. The biggest risk to this project is that PDG could delay the formulation of the
strategy impacting on the ability to deliver other elements of the Programme. The
second biggest risk is that in a desire to be a leader across all elements of the
Waste Strategy that the proposed strategy could be too expensive to be
implemented. The intention is to mitigate this through discussion with PDG,
informal cabinet and cabinet to ensure that the approach to Waste Strategy is
aligned with Business Plan outcomes balancing the sustainability agenda with
offering value for money.
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