Cabinet Minutes: 4th February 2013


Cabinet Minutes: 4th February 2013
Delivery of Streetscape and Parking Maintenance Activities within the Highway Services Contract
Consideration was given to a report setting out the findings of the Streetscape Task and Finish Group, which was established to give consideration to the Call In of Key Decision CE12/13-18, Delivery of Streetscape and Parking Maintenance Activities Within the Highway Services Contract.
Following the Call In of Key Decision CE12/13-18, Delivery of Streetscape and Parking Maintenance Activities Within the Highway Services Contract, at its meeting held on 12 November 2012, Cabinet resolved that the decision would be deferred in order to allow time for the matter to be considered by the relevant Policy Development Group, but that the part of decision relating to Parking Maintenance be proceeded with.
The Task and Finish Group met several times during its investigations and considered evidence relating to:
•    Questions submitted by Members and the reasons for Call In
•    Details of the rounds maintenance and street cleansing service, including service overview, statutory responsibilities, key service responsibilities, financial and staffing resources, performance measures, contribution to the Corporate Plan and service context and service structure
•    Details on how works would be monitored
•    Results of the Ringway Jacobs Satisfaction Survey
•    The proposed system for contact arrangements by Members
•    Summary of the business options appraisal
•    Further evidence that the quality of the service would not be sacrificed
•    Details of the split between grounds maintenance and street cleansing
•    The possibility of phasing the contract
•    The model to be used to achieve localism

Following detailed consideration of the above evidence, the Policy Development Group concluded that further time was required to review the decision and gain assurance that the quality of service would not be compromised. The Group therefore agreed that the issue should be further investigated and reported back to Cabinet in September 2013. However, as the mechanical cleansing activity had clear operational synergies with highways maintenance it was agreed this part of the decision should be proceeded with.

The Group recommended that Cabinet approve:

1.The extension of the scope of the Highways Services Contract to include mechanical street cleansing activities (subject to no challenge being received during the Voluntary Ex-ante Transparency Notice period (VEAT));
     2. The publication of a procurement VEAT Notice;

3. The development of a detailed activity programme that will engage with members of council, existing employees and their Trade Union representatives with a view to achieving the earliest possible commencement date after 1st April 2013 for the new service delivery arrangements; and
4. That the remaining Streetscape Services be reviewed and investigated by the Environment and Prosperity Policy Development Group and reported back to Cabinet in September 2013.
That the recommendations of the Policy Development Group be approved.


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