Cabinet Questions - Tuesday, 15th October, 2013


Cabinet Questions - Tuesday, 15th October, 2013

Scrutiny Arrangements – New Companies
Councillor A Moran asked when would members know who would be the directors of the new arms-length companies, what scrutiny arrangements would be put in place to monitor the performance of the companies and why streetscape had been included in the Environmental Services delivery model and not offered to town councils as a devolved function.
The Leader responded that the Council was in the process of identifying directors for the companies, that the new companies would be placed under strong scrutiny, with a range of proposals coming forward, and that he was not convinced that the devolution of streetscape services to town councils could be achieved at no cost to Cheshire East Council.
The Environmental Services Portfolio Holder added that the original intention had been to hand over streetscape services to Ringway Jacobs but that following meetings with the staff and unions he was convinced that a better service would be provided if the service were retained in-house.


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