Cheshire East Cuts to Service Conditions

Cheshire East Cuts to Service Conditions

Cheshire East Council is in negotiations with the recognised Trade Unions including Unison on proposals to save £8.7m by cutting Terms & Conditions. At the request of the council, the Joint Unions agreed to keep the content of the talks confidential, until we had negotiated the best package possible.
Without prior warning, despite being in negotiations with Trade Unions, the authority has written to employees giving notice of the changes and has commenced a consultation exercise.

UNISON believes that this is not the way to have meaningful consultation with the joint Trade Unions and this is now an open breach of the agreement we had and an attempt to undermine the trade unions."
The Proposed Terms & Conditions are substantially less than those nationally agreed by national framework. “Green Book” 

The Government Comprehensive Spending Review has significantly reduced funds for Cheshire East Council, but there is NO justification for £ 8.7 million cuts to service conditions.

UNISON will brief all its members via a series of Roadshows, and is looking to openly consult and engage with all its members on the proposals and then respond to the proposals in a formal manner. It is Unison’s intention to seek the Memberships view on possible industrial action

Since Local Government Review, over 500 jobs have already gone, and a further 555 jobs are to go.

Unison is currently engaged in organising a detailed campaign to protect our Members, who stand to lose significant amounts of money in their take home pay. Unison has received a significant response from our Members to the proposals. Unison have published a comprehensive template of the proposals which compares current payment levels on the website, and all our members are encouraged to feedback their views during the consultation on the proposal, using the email address


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