Consultation meeting 22nd October 2013


Shared Services – Chester HQ

22nd October 2013

Attendees: John Callan (ICT Shared Services), Karen Begley (CE HR), Alison Wolden (CWAC HR)

Unison attendees: Olga Kokkinis, Colin Dew-Parry – Cheshire East

Teresa Connally – West Cheshire

Update on Progress:

- Programme in Green status, workstreams up and running

- COSOCIOUS on Oracle

- Define new Key Performance Indicators

- Future changing

- Re-launching catalogue

- Governance structure (Board, Shareholder Board, Membership of Board)

- Propose Board meet fortnightly

- JOB structure to remain

- First draft of client operating model (Organisational structure)

- Communication

- Another floor walk, questions on FAQ

- Fortnightly communication

- Listening sessions

- Weekly blog

- Communications remains effective

- Co-location to Goldsmith House

- Redecoration of floor next week

- Full security review at Goldsmith House

- Looking at a manned reception desk

- Field engineers who serve Cheshire East and Corporate buildings have a store in Municipal Buildings, Crewe

Update on Job Swap:

- First set of 5 vacancies to staff last week, 4 responded. Next step interview/or meet with member of staff. Managed by Redeployment Officer in Cheshire East.

- Thursday before training by external provider to prepare CV, to think about interview, also meet with staff on a 1:1, where necessary.

- Training on taking minutes given

- Went in Job Swap/Team Talk with regards to job swap. (Many staff applied, down to 9 staff in the East). JDQ/Person spec will be made available.

- 23 staff applied for job swap. W/B 2nd Nov earmarked for interviews.

- Vacancies coming out in Cheshire East as well.

- Referred 3 people to OHU who had problems travelling, 2 placed on redeployment, the third did not meet ill health requirements.

- Some staff have asked for reduction in hours which will be considered by managers.


- Letters to staff to be sent out by end Oct.

Next meeting: Thursday, 19th November at 2.00 pm


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