Cosocius Newsletter Issue 4


Issue No.4 Date: 23 August 2013

Dear Colleague
Public services are changing and we find ourselves at the forefront of that change. I
understand that some colleagues may be worried or uncertain about this change but I
would emphasise that the company will still be council owned and you should therefore
have nothing to fear from this transition. I have a busy few weeks ahead of me as I move
through my induction programme but I will endeavour to meet as many of you as possible
in my early days and I will look forward to hearing your views. I will also commit to
providing plenty of updates and information for you as we move forward over the coming
weeks and months.
Together we will build a company that provides services that our customers will want to
buy, and also a place where people will want to work. You have already got a good
reputation and now we will have the freedom to build upon the existing good practice and
excellent work and strive to be the leading shared service organisation.
Just to tell you a little bit about me: firstly, you’ll be pleased to know that I come into this
role with some very recent experience in successfully setting up a company with similar
governance arrangements.
Four years ago I joined North West Fire Control where I led the establishment of a new local
authority controlled ‘not for profit’ company from start-up, working closely with the
Chairman and the Board of Directors and our partner Local Authorities to put in place
policies, procedures and working arrangements.
I am delighted to be joining you at this tremendously exciting time; I
know that you have been working hard to prepare for the transition
from being a council run service to becoming a separate legal entity
(SLE) as a Limited Company.
I believe that we have a tremendous opportunity to create something
really special.
This involved developing a business process change programme to drive the transformation
needed to establish new, more efficient service delivery for the four partner local
authorities, bringing together specific functions into a single entity. Building strong
relationships with a whole range of stakeholders across government, public sector and
commercial providers was central to ensuring success. I hope to bring all that I have learned
from that experience to help you to achieve the same level of success with our Cheshire
Shared Services.
Before this, I was proud to serve for 20 years in the British Army in a number of senior
command positions, culminating as a Lieutenant Colonel in charge of a North West based
I enjoy relaxing with my family and walking with our dog when the opportunity allows and
my sporting passion is sailing; I was a professional yachtsman immediately after school and
before I joined the military.
I take up my post on Tuesday 27 August 2013 and I will be based in Nicholas House,
although I will ensure I spend plenty of time floor walking across other sites. So if you see a
chap who looks slightly lost wandering around one of your offices, chances are that will be
Best regards


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