Everybody Leisure Staff Consultation Stakeholder Group 13/12/13


Everybody Leisure Staff Consultation Stakeholder Group 13/12/13 Congleton Leisure Centre Apologies –Wendy Ollier – Shavington, Jayne Worthington – Macclesfield, Karen Morris – Middlewich, Shawn Reed (GMB), Present :- Richard Roeton - Facilities Development Team Hilary Pemberton - Macclesfield Leisure Centre Shane Finney - Shavington/VCC/SWS Janet Beard – Congleton Leisure Centre Garry Foulkes – Poynton Leisure Centre Chris Garton – Alsager Leisure Centre Martha Chambers – Sandbach Leisure Centre Lee Malkin – Leisure Development Team Jonathan Shaw – UNISON Craig Muff – Holmes Chapel Leisure Centre Andrew Cattell – Crewe Pool Andrea Taylor – Nantwich Pool Craig Nicholson- UNISON Mark Wheelton – Leisure Services Tom Barton – H.R.

1. Minutes of the previous meeting were accepted and actions required noted and confirmed.

2. Management Update -

MW reviewed progress being made on the Trust as highlighted in the latest Everybody Leisure News Issue 6, in particular the next phases of staff consultation. - CN confirmed that the trade unions had received the formal letters regarding the transfer. -

  • TB confirmed the following:- -
  • TUPE letters to all contracted staff to go out before Christmas.
  • One key issue to sort out and get right being those staff who have multiple assignments •
  • Letters to all casual staff hopefully also to go out before Christmas •
  • Phase 3 structure discussed and an email has gone out to managers (grades 8-12) again seeking expressions of interest in VR •
  •  Accommodation discussions are continuing particularly for those staff teams based in offices. At present no final decisions have been made and no changes are expectedpre-April. Likely bases however will be in Macclesfield and Crewe. Any changes would be a ‘measure’ as part of the transfer. •
  • The report on pensions has now been received back and key decisions will now need to be made by both the Council and the Trust •
  •  Pay and reward scheme will be a February agenda meeting item


MW has requested that at the next meeting there is a representation from both the directors and senior management of the Trust. The session will also be used to discuss the values that staff teams have previously put forward. These discussions will then be used by the Trust board as part of their subsequent ‘Visioning Day’ later in January. 3.

  • Staff Issues • RR asked all managers and staff to review any ‘local’ contracts for their sites and services and provide him with copies of the most up to date documents •
  • The issue of staff involvement on and with the Board was discussed. It was suggested that this is raised with the Board Directors who attend the next meeting •
  • The question of when the Trust will appoint the remaining directors was raised.
  • Staff felt it would be good to see a wide geographic spread of directors across Cheshire East seeing this as important as also having specific skills to ensure that the trust is successful.

4. Date of next meeting: Friday 10 January at 1pm Alsager Leisure Centre

  • Agenda 1. Previous minutes and actions
  • 2. Management Updates
  •  3. Staff issues and updates
  • 4. Vision and trust values session with representatives of the Board and senior management
  • 5. Date of next meeting


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