Friday 29th November 2013, Cosocius Shared Services Single Legal Entity


On Friday 29th November 2013, Cosocius Shared Services Single Legal Entity passed a key milestone, in it’s development.

The Cheshire Shared Services Joint Committee approved the new governance arrangements and the board structure for CoSocius.

Copies of all the papers are held in the public domain, by looking at the Cheshire East Council website under “Council and Democracy” pages and specifically the “Shared Services Joint Committee” and these are included in the Agenda papers for the 29th November 2013.

Governance Arrangements - CoSocius Limited

Company Board of Directors Structure - CoSocius Limited

Copies of both documents are attached.

This information will feature in the next newsletter in detail, but it does give ‘Cosocius’, the 'green light' to start recruitment of the Director and Non Executive Director roles. 

On Monday 2nd December 2013, Dominic Whelan and John Callan held a meeting to discuss the next stage of shaping the operating model at a role level focussing on commercial and business development. 

On Monday 16th December 2013, Cosocius are planning an “Senior Management Team Away Day” to help shape the operating model with the SMT, as well as other points around both the vision and principles for the business going forward. 

Slowly but surely the future Structure and Direction of Cosocius Shared Services is being pulled together


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