Leisure Services Phase 2 Staff TUPE Consultation Events


Leisure Services Phase 2 Staff TUPE Consultation Events

Peter Hartwell, New Chief Executive - Everybody Leisure & Recreation
 Andrew Kolker - Chairman of the Everybody Leisure Trust
 Phil Bland, Anne Boyd, Andrew Farr - Trust Board Members
 Tom Barton, Human Resources
 Mark Wheelton, Leisure Services Manager, Cheshire East
 Keith Pickton, Leisure Operation Manager

 Background (Mark Wheelton / Keith Pickton)

 Council review of service provision, adopting a commissioning provider model

  •  Options appraisal carried out June 2013
  •  Developing new ways of working ASDV operations (external delivery)
  •  Leisure is not a statutory service function, therefore under financial threat
  •  Clearly important to local communities in supporting a range of outcomes
  •  Financial constraints on the local authority
  •  Cheshire East financial commitment to Leisure capital funding - Crewe Lifestyle Centre £15.1 million, Nantwich upgrade £1.3 million, Congleton upgrade, Macclesfield leisure centre upgrade
  •  New Leisure Trusts already in place in Trafford and Chester
  •  Freedom to improve and develop services by increasing flexibilities
  •  National association of Leisure Trust Opertors - Sporta

 Current Position

  •  June 2013 Cabinet decision to set up Leisure Trust
  •  New company set up - Everybody Sports and Recreation Limited
  •  Registration with Companies House
  •  Cabinet approval to Trade - Tuesday 4th February 2014
  •  Articles of association signed by the Council Leader, Michael Jones
  •  Trust Charitable status applied for Monday 17th February 2014 (Charity Commission)
  •  Board of Trust Directors 11 in total (2 represent the Council interest plus 9 non Council Trust Board members) maximum 20% interest (current advert for 3 new Trust Board members)
  •  Strong 'Everybody' brand name retained - new website developed
  •  3 million visitor numbers , achieves income of £6 million
  •  New computerised management system - XN Leisure ICT system
  •  Contract specification and related service level agreements

Human Resources / TUPE Update (Tom Barton)

  •  Consultation Roadshows / TUPE Consultation events / floor walks
  •  Regular newsletter updates- everybody leisure news
  •  Monthly formal Trade Union meetings
  •  Staff Stakeholder Group - Trade Union / employee reps
  •  Vision / Aims and Objectives (Future of Everybody Values)
  •  TUPE letter to all Contracted employees
  •  Opportunity to have 1-2-1 meetings in January 2014 to establish employment rights
  •  Casual employee assignment - employment details
  •  Letter to Casual workers and coaching staff / instructors

  •  Payroll Oracle new build
  •  Pensions (LGPS) - Admitted Body Status - presented to Trust Board - 11th February 2014
  •  Trade Union Recognition Agreement and Member Representation - Facilities Agreement
  •  Trade Union consultation processes ie JCNP
  •  Salary Sacrifice Schemes - Tuska green car leasing, child care vouchers, cycle to work scheme
  •  Measures letter - relocation of employees accommodation currently at Westfields and Crewe Offices
  •  New employment policies and procedures to be reviewed for new staff
  •  Adoption of Council policies and procedures such as health and safety
  •  Letters to Casual workers arrangement
  •  Instructors and coaching staff - market supplements (protected hourly rates)
  •  Arrangements for new employees (pay and award arrangements)

 Future of Everybody Sports & Recreation (Peter Hartwell)

  •  Significant financial benefits
  •  Best practice / commercial acumen / entrepreneurial growth
  •  Variety of Trust Board experience - Health education business finance background - best use of both contacts and influence
  •  New start but definitely not just a rebrand
  •  Public sector ethos / business opportunities
  •  Freedoms and flexibilities - recruitment and purchase order systems
  •  Desire to change amongst stakeholder group and improve service delivery
  •  Familiarity and knowing your customer base (community recognition) brand and Image
  •  New capital investment in the Lifestyle Centre approach
  •  Transfer of the service, in order to protect ion of employment
  •  Service improvements - management information system / user reports
  •  Devolved budgets to local Managers - such as repairs and maintenance
  •  Local pricing policies - marketing of available services (location based)
  •  Future capital investment - Congleton £12 million and Macclesfield £5 million
  •  Potential 25 year contract with 3 year funding arrangement (financial budget agreement)
  •  Initial 10 year + 5 year contract subject to Cabinet Report in March 2014
  •  Dedicated training and development budget plan - £50,000 (includes skills audit)
  •  Potential Phase 2 TUPE Transfer - Parks and Open Spaces, Public Rights of Way, countryside ranger services

 Provide Leisure for Life

  •  Changing lives through healthy recreation (impact on health)
  •  Ethical and sustainable growth
  •  Great customer experience
  •  Developing our people
  •  Building strong communities / effective partnerships

Developing the New Organisation

  •  Stakeholder Group - Shaping a future peoples strategy
  •  Be an employer of choice
  •  Becoming a learning organisation
  •  Recognise and reward high performance
  •  Developing effective internal communication

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