4.00pm, Thursday, 10th October 2013

Present :    
Kevin Melling        - Head of Environmental Protection &  Enhancement
Ray Skipp             - Waste & Recycling Manager
Jane Thomason   - Service Manager Waste
Murray Halse            - Fleet Manager
Gareth Edwards    - Streetscape & Bereavement Manager
Mary Slinn             - Bereavement Services Manager
Melanie Henniker - HR
Shawn Reed         - GMB
Craig Nicholson   - UNISON
Tracey Evans       - UNISON
Steven Otter         - UNITE)

Apologies:            None   

1    Introduction
KM outlined the purpose of the meeting which was to start formal TUPE consultation regarding a new Alternative Delivery Vehicle - ANSA ESL for environmental services and to continue informal consultation regarding another separate company for bereavement services; to discuss the impact of these on employees; and the proposed method of consultation and communication.  


2    Handouts
KM handed out a copy of the Cabinet Paper relating to a proposed separate Bereavement Company; the Certificate of Incorporation for ANSA ESL; a draft newsletter for staff and a leaflet with Frequently Asked Questions around TUPE.

3    Employees Affected
KM advised that employees from Waste, Fleet and part of Streetscape would be transferring to ANSA and that employees from Bereavement were expected to be transferring into a separate Company, subject to Cabinet Agreement.  KM confirmed that the parts of Streetscape that were not in scope for these discussions were the Streetscape team devolving to Congleton Town Council, Public Rights Of Way Team, Countryside Ranger Service and the staff remaining in markets and toilets.  CN stated that it was important that management brief those employees not in scope as well as those in scope.
    KM / GE/ MS

4    Staff Consultation
KM advised that Staff briefings had been arranged for 28th October in Macclesfield and 29th October in Crewe.  There was a discussion around the venue in Crewe – it was agreed that if the room at Bentley’s was available, the meeting would be held there.  If not, it would be held in the “Old Window Shop” which was being tidied up in preparation.

SR & CN highlighted importance of making sure that everyone in scope is now involved in the consultation.  CN stated that the Trade Unions had been in meetings with Waste Operations and with Streetscape & Bereavement but not everyone has been involved.

GE stated that management have only had any certainty about proposals for the individual parts of S&B this week.  KM added that in real terms 24th June was the starting point of sharing information and that Cabinet next week will be the catalyst for Bereavement Services.

CN asked where Open Spaces and Park Development would sit and KM advised that they are part and parcel of Grounds Maintenance so will be part of ANSA.
    RS / GE / JT / MS / MHa

5    TUPE FAQs
CN asked that pensions be included in the FAQ and that a copy of the FAQ’s be sent to the Trade Unions for more comments & suggestions.

6    Stakeholder Groups
KM stated that Stakeholder Groups would now be set up and asked that the TU’s encourage people to volunteer for them.  It was agreed that people currently part of the service but not transferring could also be part of the Stakeholder Groups if interested.
MHe confirmed that names of volunteers should be sent to Ruth O’Brien.

7    HR Representatives
MHe agreed to send out an updated list showing HR Staff and the services they support.    MHe

Meeting Ended


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