Notes of the meeting held with the Trade Unions on 27 August 2013


Notes of the meeting held with the Trade Unions on 27 August 2013
SLE Shared Service

Present Olga Kokkins
     Craig Nicholson
     Fran Suckley
     Colin Dew-parry
     Teresa Connally
     John Callan
     Karen Begley

Apology, Alison Wolden

The minutes from the previous meeting were not available

Colin Dew-Parry and Fran Suckley attended for the first time and will attend future meetings.

Teresa explain that this meeting receives updates from the  SLE Programme Board.
And that the TU’s will feed back on the progress of this meeting at the Shared Service Joint Officer Board

Key updates.

MD appointed Dominic Whelan started today, for twelve months and his focus will be the setting up of the new company.

Feedback on the name of the company Socius Pro and Corner Stone Connect, will be going to the Programme Board.  Colleague canvassed view’s on the key features they would like to see in the brand and for the marketing team to develop proposals on this feedback.  It necessary to ensure that any name it is company house compliant.

Julie Davies had collated some feedback on the names and on the branding that there was an even split on the voting, so this will be fed into the feedback to the Board.

The overall business is reshaping into a 3 year business plan a draft is being shaped by one of the work streams led by Angela Davis and the draft will be ready by October.

Communication  Plan issued to all colleagues, with the last newsletter, and JC and DW will be doing floor walks with colleagues to get feedback on it.  Share point launched, Also a share point plan for colleagues to access, as we go forward the consultation will go on the share point FAQ’s will be posted on the site.

Programme Board meet again on Thursday.  Executive Board on Friday.

TU’s requested a copy of the Programme Plan.

Note date has been set for the staff in Nicholas House to move to Goldsmith House . The hold up is a result of the need for East and West to manage the funding.

Some teams in Goldsmith House have moved to Nicholas house to allow some updating work to be undertaken at Goldsmith.

The space created at Nicolas house will be given to pensions and possibly commercially let some of the space.

The draft relocation consultation document was shared at the meeting.

Meeting with staff group on 2 September to start the consultation on the Monday 2 September, when we will advise it is the start of formal consultation, a consultation document will be issued, giving the time line.  Roles are schedule to move on 2 December and would be great if the staff move with the roles.  

Staff one to one’s to be available to all staff.  Appointments will be available on 2 September 2013.  Dates of the one to one meeting were shared and are to be included in the consultation document.

The consultation document was discussed and agreed that the End of consultation period should be 27 September 2013. (this was later revised by management to 30 September 2013)

Put into consultation document reference to CV writing and short courses.

That excess travel, will be considered on an individual basis it maybe necessary to honour existing excess travel entitlement depending on the location of the job swap.

Staff swapping to a job at a lower grade would not receive pay protection.

The consultation document will be sent to the trade unions ahead of the staff for information.

Next meeting to be held at 2pm.

Items for future meetings

Terms and conditions.
Measures letter



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