The law and your rights

Your employer must be fair and objective when they select people for redundancy and they must consult you properly and early in the process, to give you plenty of time to make plans for the future.

You also have the right to a redundancy payment if you have worked continuously for your employer for at least two years and you are being made redundant. Statutory redundancy pay also applies when a fixed-term contract of two years or more expires and is not renewed because of redundancy.

If you believe any of these things did not happen - or if you just want advice and support during what is always a difficult time - UNISON can help you.

Dismissals can be fair or unfair. However, as long as your employer follows the rules and doesn’t unfairly target you then it is unlikely that a tribunal will find that your redundancy dismissal amounted to an unfair dismissal.
Taking action

Being made redundant can be stressful and worrying. You may feel you've been unfairly targeted or you might be worried that you're not being offered a good redundancy deal from your employer.

UNISON has lots of experience helping people facing redundancy. Some of the ways we help are by:

    making sure there are proper agreements in place where you work so that any redundancy process is as fair as possible;
    highlighting alternatives to redundancy, such as relying on natural wastage, freezing recruitment or reducing overtime;
    offering support and training to help you through the redundancy process – whether with training for a new job, career counselling or just being here to discuss your concerns.


  What does my employer have to do to make me redundant?

        Your employer should try other options before making you redundant. These can include giving you a different job.

        Your employer must also consult you before making you redundant and follow a fair procedure when selecting who is to be made redundant – if they don’t do this they are in danger of unfairly dismissing you.  

        Can I fight against being made redundant?

        Provided you haven’t been unfairly targeted and the proper process has been followed and alternatives considered, it is very difficult to fight redundancy. But you can join UNISON’s campaign against public sector cuts.

   How can I work out how much money I'll be entitled to if I'm made redundant?

        Check your minimum redundancy payment with the Gov.UK redundancy payment calculator.

What can I do if I think I've been unfairly targeted for redundancy?

        Your employer must be fair and objective when they select people for redundancy and they must consult you properly. If you believe either of these things did not happen, contact your UNISON rep immediately


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