Stakeholder Group 9th October


Everybody Leisure Staff Consultation Stakeholder Group
Action notes of the meeting - 9th October - Macclesfield Town Hall

Wendy Ollier - Shavington, VCC, SWS
Andrew Cattell - Crewe
Karen Morris - Middlewich
Stephen Baldwin - Knutsford
Craig Muff - Holmes Chapel
Jayne Worthington - macclesfield
Dave Wallington - Wilmslow
Martha Chambers - Sandbach/Alsager
Chris Garton - Alsager
Keith Hallam - Poynton
Richard Roeton - Facilities Development
Lee Malkin - Leisure Development
Shawn Reed - GMB
Jon Winkle - Marketing/Business Support
Mark wheelton – Leisure Services Manager

1.  Background to the Group
It was explained that the aim of the group was to allow for representatives to come and discuss the key issues that staff wished to know about or needed clarifying.  As such it needs to be a two-way discussion with managers to make sure everyone is as informed as possible about the rapid changes taking place. It was agreed that all staff must be given the opportunity to have access to information such as the newsletter.
Action - Mark Wheelton to ensure all site representatives get the Newsletter as soon as it is also circulated to senior leisure managers.
2.  Branding
Jon updated the group on the new branding and website and the soon to be completed Branding Manual.  There will be some work for site teams to transfer content on the website and time will need allocating for this, however this will be an opportunity to reduce and simplify site information and remove anything outdated. There is to be a new contract for uniforms, with Cheshire Work and Leisure until the trust is established.  Name badges are also being sourced.
3.  Trust Values
One of the key roles for the group will be to help to develop some key ‘values’ for the Trust.  Initial thoughts (some taken from local centre use) included:-
•    Valuing and appreciation of staff
•    Quality and effective service
•    Development of the uniqueness of each site
•    Reflecting customer needs
•    Reflecting all customers
•    To be open to all
Action – Everyone at the meeting was requested to bring their thoughts on what these might be to the next meeting. Discussion has already started on the leisure team site to be added to in the meantime
4.  Transfer of cleaning staff
Discussion took place to ensure these staff are fully involved in the TUPE process and their supervision in the new Trust is taken into consideration.
Action  - Mark Wheelton to follow up with HR.

5.  Future Items
Action – All attendees to come to the next meeting with key items based on local discussions with their colleagues.  These can be emailed to Mark in advance if necessary so answers can be ready for the meeting.

6.  Date of next meeting –
Wednesday 30 October –
Sandbach Leisure Centre at 3pm
1.    Actions from the previous meeting
2.    Key staff issues
3.    Leisure Management Update                       
4.    Trust Values
5.    Date of next Meeting


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