Contacting Your MP

Your MP has a duty to listen to your concerns and be sensitive to your opinions. MPs have a vested interested in ensuring that their constituents have the best educational and health and wellbeing opportunities. Pressure from the constituency definitely influences an MP. Getting them to understand the depth of feeling in their constituencies may encourage them to take action in the House of Commons or to lobby other MPs or Ministers. 

Finding out about your MP

Find out as much as possible about your MP. Use the internet, phone the House of Commons Information desk on 020 7219 4272, or visit or to find out who your MP is go to this link

* Find out your MP’s party position on the issue
* Is your MP a Minister or Shadow spokesperson? Does he or she sit on a Select Committee? Are they a member of their own party’s education committee?
* Has your MP spoken about young people and training in Parliament, or in the national or local media?
* Do they have any links with partnerships/colleges/schools or other providers?
* Are they aware of the long term social and economic impact cuts to jobs and the service could make to their constituency
* Don’t assume an MP automatically accepts their party’s position. You can persuade them away from the party line, if they understand the impact a policy has on their constituents.
* Find out about your MP’s track record. You can get information on your MP’s record by clicking or

Contact your Councillors, MP, MEPs, MSPs, or Northern Ireland, Welsh and London AMs for free here


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