Save Local Government Pension Scheme


 Save Local Government Pension Scheme

As you are aware the government currently has a consultation open asking for views on removing the right of new staff working in Further Education and 6th Form colleges to access the Local Government Pension Scheme. We will be sending through a national response and are asking that all branches, and members in branches submit their own response to this consultation.

Whilst the government say this will only affect new members, experience tells us that this will undermine the scheme for existing members in the longer term. We have prepared a list of potential arguments to help you to formulate your response to this consultation and they can be found in the box below:

UNISON Pension Champions & LGPS board members (England) 

The consultation can be found here

Please ensure that you submit your responses by the 31st July.

Together we can stop this!

The UNISON Further Education and 6th Form Team




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