Activist training

Q. I have been elected as a UNISON rep, what training do I need?


A. Each type of rep normally has an initial basic training course associated with it. Please view the information on the link below.  You may also want to speak to your education co-ordinator about it as they will be able to advise you further.

Q. How do I book myself on to a course?

A. Once you know what course you would like to attend you should liaise with your branch education co-ordinator and the branch office who will book your place on the course. Once booked on to the course you will receive all the necessary details and information relating to the course such as directions, start time, finish time and suggested travel arrangements.  (An Application Form can be found on this website under Resources).

Q. Can I get time off for my UNISON training?

A. UNISON reps have a right to reasonable paid time off to carry out relevant training. If you have any difficulty obtaining time off then contact your education co-ordinator or the branch for assistance.

Q. Where are the courses held?

A. UNISON courses can be held at various locations. Some are held at the UNISON regional office in Manchester while others can be held more locally. Normally there will be a little travel involved.

Q. If I attend a course will it cost me any money?

A. No. UNISON will pay for your travel expenses and the course itself. Lunch is provided at all UNISON courses too. Full details on what you can claim and how to claim will be sent through to you once you have booked on to the course. Remember that you are entitled to paid time off from work too.

Q. Are UNISON courses accreditted?

A. Some UNISON courses are accredited via the Open College Network (OCN). OCN credits are recognised by many training providers and colleges and are at the level of GCSEs or A Levels. If you wish to work towards OCN credits you have to keep a record of the activities on the training course and submit a portfolio at the end of the course.

It's up to you whether you want to be assessed for credits or not. Much of the assessment will be done by you and the course tutor, who will be able to help you with putting together your portfolio. There are no exams.


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