Job Evaluation Process

 Management write the Job Description using a Job Description Questionnaire (JDQ)

This is then given an indicative grade that Management look for the JDQ to achieve

The JDQ is sent to the Job Evaluation (JE) Team within HR who then Evaluate the job

Once it has been Evaluated the JE Team then forward their rationale/results to UNISON and GMB for Validating

N.B – The results for Evaluating and Validating of each post are reached through a point scoring process of each of the areas of the JDQ, of which there are 13.
We can only score based on the information within the JDQ.

Once a grade for the JDQ has been agreed the manager and the post holder will then be notified by HR

N.B. - If for any reason the JE Team and the Unions cannot JOINTLY agree a final grade, the JDQ would have to go to a Panel for final decision that would not consist of any of the original evaluators or validators.

When I get my letter from HR and I disagree with the grade, what can I do?

Ask your Manager to provide you with a copy of the Job Description used in the JE process.  Go through it with a fine toothcomb and if you feel that what you do is substantially more than is written within it then this is a grievance that you need to take up with your manager as they were the ones who wrote it.

1) If your manager agrees with your findings then they have the right to re-write the JDQ and request for it to be re-submitted to HR's Evaluation Team and the Unions for re-evaluating/validating.

2) If your manager disagrees with your findings then you have the right to appeal 6 months (but not more than 12 months) after you have been in post or following receipt of your HR letter notifying you of your final grade. (So for the 6 months following receipt of your letter you can do nothing but wait and keep notes of any additional duties that you are doing that were not in the original JDQ.  This can then be used as evidence towards your appeal).


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