UNISONplus NHS Patient Plan


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Who can apply?

All UNISON members and their families aged between 16 and 69 can apply to join this dental plan.

What will I be covered for?

100% of your dental bill according to the NHS scale of dental charges and up to a generous annual maximum. There are many other dental benefits included, please refer to the Premium and Benefits Table below.

How do I claim?

When you arrange your dental appointment, simply call our claims line and we will send you a form for your dentist to authorise. Pay your bill, return the form with your receipt and you will be reimbursed.

I am treated by an NHS dentist. Why would I need a plan?

NHS charges for a routine check-up resulting in a crown would be £219. A filling 6 months later would be £50.50 or a second crown would be another £219. You get £500 per year on the NHS Patient plan to cover NHS costs. (NHS charges correct, April 2014).

My NHS dentist charges me privately for some treatments. Which plan should I choose, NHS or Private?

The NHS Patient plan only pays the charges for the three standard NHS bands. The Private plans will pay both NHS and private charges, therefore you should choose a Private Patient plan.

I know I need some treatment now; will it be covered when I join?

No. We only cover new Dental conditions that occur after joining

I have not been to a dentist for more than a year. Can I join the plan?

Yes - however, you will need to see a dentist and get any recommended treatments completed at your own expense initially. Claims for future visits and treatments can then be covered by your plan.

When can I start using this plan?

You are covered for the benefits below immediately the day after joining.

How long can I remain on this plan?

As long as you wish – you can stay on the plan and continue to benefit from it indefinitely.

How do I join?

Simply call the UNISONplus Dental Plan helpline on Freephone 0800 037 0753 or apply below.


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