Working from home? Claim tax back on additional home expenses.


If your employer requires you to work at home, you can claim for increased costs due to working from home, eg, heating & electricity.

Clearly, right now millions are required to work at home so this applies.

In practice, apportioning the cost is tough, so instead from Monday 6th April 2020 (the new tax year), you can opt for an allowed £6/week flat rate (it's currently £4/week).

This works one of two ways: - Employers can pay you the £6/week extra, free of tax. Yet right now, with many firms struggling, asking may be bad timing, so... - If not, you can claim tax relief on £6 of income, which for basic 20% taxpayers is £1.20/week (c. £60/year), and 40% taxpayers £2.40/week (c. £120/year). With talk of working from home lasting up to 6mths, this is worth knowing. You claim it via self-assessment or a P87 form - full help's in claim tax back for working at home.


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