TUC On-line Courses Stockport College - Autumn term 2020


Courses for Autumn Term - from 12th October onward.

The difficult circumstances of the Covid-19 crisis has provided lots of challenges for trade unions not least the ability to train and update reps. As the pandemic continues and the economy suffers with consequential issues of H&S and threats to jobs it is even more important than ever that trade unions have trained reps. In view of this we are offering the TUC Core course programme in a fully on-line format, please see the attached Course Programme. As well as a range of short courses. All courses are at no charge to reps of TUC affiliated unions.   

Full tutor support is provided to learners plus assistance for those unaccustomed to learning via online methods. The Stage 1 and Diploma courses will be using the advanced new TUC Learning Platform – Stream. It is a clearer and better system than the older Moodle with integrated Video Conferencing by Microsoft Teams or Zoom, which will allow a closer to a classroom experience. The Stage 2 courses will be run using Teams Video Conferencing and Moodle – but will be updated for the Spring term to use Stream.

If you are interested in applying for any of the courses, please contact your Branch Office on 01244 346894 or mail@cheshireeastunison.org.uk


Trade Union Programme Co-ordinator
Trade Union Education
Stockport College


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