Transferring to Electronic Payslips

Frequently Asked Questions

Q    If I want to print a copy of my payslip through Employee Self-Service, will the information be the same as on the paper copy that I currently receive?  
A    Yes, the information on the payslip will be exactly the same. You are able to print a copy for your own record if necessary, but as you can access the data electronically at any time, you may not need to print a copy.

Q    What date in the month will the payslip be available for viewing?
A    The payslip will be available as soon as the information has been verified and sent through the banking system. This will usually be approximately three to four days before your pay date.  

Q        What if I have forgotten my password or need to reset my password as I haven’t accessed the Oracle system for some time?
    Contact the ICT helpdesk for assistance. ESC tel 01244 972021  or 01244 972827

Q    What will happen if I am absent from work because of long term sickness absence or maternity leave?
A    If you will not have access to Oracle for a prolonged period of time, discuss this with your manager, and the Employee Service Centre can arrange for you to receive a paper copy until such time you do have access.

Q    Will I be able to save my payslip electronically in order to email it to my home email address for retention?
A    In line with the Acceptable Use Policy, it is preferred that you print a copy of your payslip should you require a copy.  

Q    Can you confirm that my payslip is only available for me (and the Employee Service Centre) to view?
A    Yes, your payslip information is only accessed and viewed by the Employee Service Centre. You have your own unique user ID and password in order to access the system, and this should not be shared with anyone.

Q    Will I be able to view previous payslips?
A    Yes. Historical information can be viewed.

Q    How will I provide proof of earnings should it be required?
A     Our understanding is that financial institutions will accept a printed copy of your payslip which you can print yourself.


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